My name is
Jesse Mack Johnson.

I grew up in the greater Los Angeles
area and now reside in Brooklyn, NY.

I play in a band called
Motion City Soundtrack.

I like music.

My friends also like music, and they post songs on here when i'm busy.


Clear eyes. Full hearts.  MUSIC FOREVER!!

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Seriously… Descendents continue to be one of my favourite punk bands ever.  I can always listen to any song and feel like a teenager again.  There has been talk of me playing bass in a Descendents cover band at some point.  We’ll see.  Until then, I can keep listening to this fucking awesome band.  

Side note: I was recently at a christmas party with my in-laws and met a family friend that heard I play in a band.  He said, “A guy I work with was in a band.  His name is Milo Aukerman, but I can’t remember the name of his band.”  I immediately told him how amazing it was that he had worked with the singer of Descendents and geeked out about them for the next 20 minutes.

Enjoy this song: Hope

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When I was in Jr. High School the Misfits were one of my favourite bands.  I know i’m not digging out the obscure, unknown, super cool bands this week… but I was young and all I cared about was punk and skateboarding.  What I did learn in this young mindset was that things didn’t have to be polished and perfectly recorded to be good.  If a song was good, it was because of the song.  When this song comes on the radio or at a bar I still sing along every time even though it’s recorded like crap.

Enjoy this song: Where Eagles Dare

The first tape I ever bought with my own money was Dead Milkmen’s, Bucky Fellini.  Then Big Lizard In My Backyard and Beelzebubba were both purchased at my next trip to the record store.  I was a nerdy punk and their music was nerdy punk rock.  Perfect.

Enjoy this video: Punk Rock Girl

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When I was in seventh grade I went to a halloween dance with a Misfits skull painted on my face and might have chugged a lot of Robitussin for a buzz.  I don’t recommend it to anyone else, but I was young and thought it was punk.  I remember two things at the end of the night… I threw up and I found a tape on the floor of a band called Bad Religion.  It was their new album, No Control, and it started my love of that band.  Thirteen years later I became friends with Bad Religion guitarist Brett Gurewitz when my band signed to Epitaph Records… The exact same label that released the tape I found in seventh grade.

Enjoy this song: No Control

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I think I bought my first cassette tape with my own money in 1989 when I was thirteen years old.  I was living in Kingman, Arizona and all I ever did was skateboard and listen to Punk Rock.  Sex Pistols, Misfits, Bad Religion, Nine Nine Nine, Dead Milkmen, Stiff Little Fingers, Descendents, etc… Those were the days.  One of the highlights of those times was being in the “Ramp Of The Month” section of Thrasher sometime around 1990.  It was all dyed hair and skinned knees.  This week i’m taking your eardrums back to what made me first start enjoying music.

Enjoy this song: Suspect Device

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Listen to A Great Big Pile Of Leaves - Playing Popsickle Festival 2010 - Saturday, December 18th -Get your tickets here.

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Listen to Gold Motel - Playing Popsickle Festival 2010 - Saturday, December 18th -Get your tickets here.

Justin Pierre’s other awesome band, Farewell Continental, will be playing an after party show at Popsickle Festival.  Come hang out!!  Tickets available here.

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Listen to Now, Now Every Children - Playing Popsickle Festival 2010 - Saturday, December 18th - Get your tickets here.

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Listen to Minus The Bear - Playing Popsickle Festival 2010 - Saturday, December 18th - Get your tickets here.

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Happy Body Slow Brain might be known for having ex-members of Taking Back Sunday, but soon they will be known for their own rad music.  You can listen to and download their songs from happybodyslowbrain.bandcamp.com.  They recently played a show with A Great Big Pile Of Leaves and I got word that Happy Body Slow Brain were a really good live band too.  Get the music and go to the shows.  Support bands!

Enjoy this song: Never Loved

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John Nolan plays in Taking Back Sunday and Straylight Run as well as having his own solo project.  I’ve had the pleasure of being on the road with his bands and by default, him.  He is a very kind soul and a stand up dude.  We were both quite shy and it took two tours before we started coming out of our collective shells, but once we did it was a blast.  He is currently recording a new Taking Back Sunday album.  While you are waiting for it, you can listen to this song from his solo release: Height. You can also download / listen to a bunch of his songs from johnnolanmusic.bandcamp.com.

Enjoy this song: Til It’s Done To Death

Ever since I found this video of Tidal Arms, I have been listening to this song multiple times every day.  My roommate, Jim, can attest to that.  I hear so many things in this band that remind me of when I was first getting into music and going to shows at The Jabberjaw.  It’s raw, yet well constructed.  It’s rooted in a loud rawkus sound, yet still melodic.  I hear Unwound, Barkmarket, and Three Mile Pilot in there.  Holy fuck, this song is good!  Go to tidalarmsmusic.bandcamp.com and download the two songs they have for free.  Oh yeah, if you wanna keep tabs… Francis Mark, formerly of From Autumn To Ashes is in this band.

Enjoy this video: Hair and Teeth

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